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Feb 7, 2013 4:00am EST
in the persian gulf to demonstrate the effect looming defense cuts could have on the military. it will have to trim flying hours and lockheed's fighter jets. billions of dollars in automatic cuts known as the sequester are set to take effect march 1st if congress doesn't delay or cancel them. outgoing secretary of defense leon panetta called lawmakers irresponsible. >> it is difficult to believe, frankly, that congress would simply stand aside, stand aside, fail to make the decisions necessary to resolve this crisis and allow the defense, economy and quality of life of america to be irreparably damaged. >> thou, some health and senate republics have offered a plan to cut the federal workforce and use those savings too void the full 85 billion sequester. a similar plan failed to gain any traction last year. however, will this time be different? mark parkinson, former governor of kansas, ceo, and a real pleasure to have you with us. >> great to be here this morning. thank you. >> we would like you to start by looking at this sequester. the senate and house republicans have floated a plan for
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am EST
is on the defensive after allegations that its top property markets received secret payments on a regular basis since 1997. spanish conservative is deny the allegations and have threatened to sue the newspaper that published photos of the secret accounts. a new order into his finances has been called and an emergency hearing is set to take place on saturday. the prime minister is expected to announce his first stimulus package as early as today. as the recession in spain continues to deepen, more than 25% of spanish laborers are unmroit. joining us now, nickace spirro. despite the continued woes of the spanish economy, pmis have bounced slightly off their lows this morning. despite the fundamentals, you look at the bund market and there's enormous difference in sentiment. is that still going to happen because of differing yields between spanish yields and german yields? >> i would expect it to. spain in the markets right now are existing almost in the powder worlds. there is a striking disconnect between -- between sentiment and fundamentals. certainly, i think one of the most glaring examples of the
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am EST
did over-shadow strong housing data. it followed unexpectedly strong defense spending in the fourth quarter. maybe some positive news there. tina, from citi, she's been taking a look at what the president has to do, i guess, in his second term or what he's expected to do. what i loved was your point, how did you put it? fiscal deals or compromise tend to disappear in washington like -- >> the bermuda triangle. >> you don't have high hopes for compromise here? >> no. most politicians in the developed world, and the u.s. very much within this, it's not going to see -- i'm not going to provide fertile ground for grand bargains. politicians like to talk about it. this is their way of saying, we're ready to do a deal, but it's those guys, they won't compromise. we think we'll see more of this piecemeal last minute compromises. >> and we're fating critical issues in the u.s. people might be aware of the fiscal cliff, but there's the continuing resolution, there's the sequester that goes into effect march 1st. should we hold our breath for compromise here? and, again, the issue is being fo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3